Bible study/Sunday School

Babies through Adult Bible Classes are build around LifeWay's "Explore The Bible". Students study a variety of topics designed to connect lives, challenge minds and change the world.


9:30 am Sunday Morning Bible Teaching - Matthew

  • Grace Class - Adult Ladies— Sandra Johnson (Rm. 135A) 
  • Caleb Class - Adult Men - Barry Morgan (Rm. 135B) 
  • Believers Class - Adult Coed— Joe Ramey (Rm. 136) 

9:30 am Sunday Morning Bible Teaching - Living a Questionable Life

  • Andrew Class - All Ages - Norman Hare/Jason Ascol (Rm. 133)



Beginning Sunday, January 15, we will be having Evening Worship at 6:00 pm

"Seeing Jesus in All of Scripture"

Life transformation group (ltg)

A Life Transformation Group (LTG) is made up of two or three people all of the same gender, who invest one hour weekly for personal accountability in the areas of their spiritual growth and development.  There is no curriculum or training needed for the LTG.  The LTG accountability consists of three essential disciplines for personal spiritual growth, a steady diet of Scripture, confession of sin, and prayer for others who need Christ.  For more information, contact the church office at 918-272-2229 or email