Cancelled for now

Bible study/Sunday School


9:30 am Sunday Morning Bible Teaching

The Gospel Project takes all ages on a chronological, Christ-centered journey through the storyline of Scripture. Our fall study, A Nation Divided, discusses the Kingdom of Israel being split in two while focusing on God's mercy, grace and discipline to His people and beyond.

  • Babies - One year - Rachel Ascol (Rm. 126)
  • Two - Four years - Karen Ascol (Rm. 123)
  • Kindergarten - 1st grade - Josh & Mary Ascol (Rm 121)
  • 2nd  - 6th grade - Matt Morrison (Rm. 131)
  • Youth and Young Adults - Norman Hare, Jason Ascol (Rm. 133)

Explore the Bible

In a culture starving for truth, God is calling us to do more than read His Word, He is calling us to know it and live it. That's why Explore the Bible provides book-by-book Bible studies for groups of adults, students, and kids. Each session takes participants deep into Scripture, revealing context essential to understanding the text's original intent, and promoting transformation through God's Word in everyday life.


  • Grace Class - Adult Ladies— Sandra Johnson (Rm. 135A)
  • Caleb Class - Adult Men - Barry Morgan (Rm. 135B) 
  • Believers Class - Adult Coed— Joe Ramey (Rm. 136)


Cancelled for now

Sunday Evening service

Beginning Sunday, January 5, the adults will begin a 16 week series "The Attributes of God" by Ligoner Teaching Fellow Dr. Steven Lawson.  "Misconceptions about God abound. But they don't have to. God has revealed His character in Scripture, illuminating the attributes that define Him. While we, being finite creatures, can never truly comprehend everything that God is, we should study what He Himself has said.