Covid-19 response information

These documents outline our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  They were developed by the combined efforts of our Pastoral Ministries Team and our Facilities Use Team as we considered and evaluated President Donald Trump's "Re-Opening America Plan" along with Governor Kevin Stitt's challenge to pastors across Oklahoma to be prepared to lead their churches in gathering back together provided they could do so "safely and responsibly." You will see that we recognize the COVID-19 Coronavirus as real and can be deadly to some.  Therefore, we have developed a plan to keep our congregation safe as we return to our regular corporate mission and ministry.  


Plan to Suspend Corporate Worship March 18, 2020

Plan to Continue to Suspend Corporate Worship April 1, 2020

Phase One Response Summary

Plan to Return to Corporate Worship May 3, 2020

Awareness Checklist May 3. 2020

Corporate Worship Reminders May 3, 2020

Opening the Building and Greeting Procedures May 3, 2020